I have been really lucky in my lifetime to have had some great bosses. I have been going through a difficult time in my life as I was also two years ago. Both times I felt the right thing to do was to tell my boss what was going on so there were no guesses why I seemed frazzled, was coming in early or late or leaving early or late and needing to make phone calls or arrangements during work hours. Both times I have been lucky enough to have bosses that were so supportive and have the attitude ‘if you take care of this now, you’ll be much more focused very shortly.’

Another amazing quality I’ve seen in several of my bosses is their desire to protect their employees. One of my first of several jobs I worked in a grocery store at night. We got some pretty irate and sketchy customers. Whenever something went wrong, my boss would say just say I need to go over this with my boss and call me over. He would immediately take care of the situation so I could continue to do my job. This is a simple example. But, over my career I’ve noticed similarities with my other bosses.

Over my career, I’m sure like many people, I’ve had to deal with some difficult co-workers. It’s not like I’ve disliked these people or are difficult to work with myself; I’ve actually really enjoyed working with these people because they push you to learn how to communicate with people with different styles of communication. But, in a few situations I chose to rely on my boss to help work on these relationships. I think it has helped.

Looking back I see several more amazing qualities in my bosses, including trusting me to know how to do my job, being open to ideas or suggestions, providing valuable feedback, telling me when I’ve done a good job, being able to brainstorm on ideas and how to handle things.

So how did I get so lucky? I wonder of its because I did my research in the interview processes. I saw how my bosses interacted with other people. I got a feel for what they needed. I trusted my bosses to support me and that their goals aligned with the companies’ goals. Maybe that’s why? Or am I just really lucky?


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