Home Style

My sister said that one day this will come, where I’d suddenly become interested in home style, design, decorating. I never believed her, but she was right, it has arrived! This is the first time in my adult life that I’ll be living completely on my own. And I’m missing two major pieces that make it easy to do every day things like chilling out and eating, and having company over. A couch and a dining table with chairs.

Last weekend I set out to find a couch. The first store I hit was West Elm. They had a 76″ light grey velvet couch.


Luckily I have a friend who is an interior designer and she said to ask away for her advice. So I did and it was awesome. She pointed out the light grey velvet would wear quickly. Also I liked having a smidge more space on the couch, more around 81″.

The second couched I liked was at Kasala. It was a modern dark grey tweed. My friend pointed out it could easily be dressed up with bright pillows. But, I felt this couch wasn’t so sturdy and wouldn’t last me too long. If I’m going to make an investment in a couch, it better be a damn good couch.


The last couch I found I loved was at Macy’s. I didn’t want to get out of it, I felt like it would last a really long time, and I felt like I could love a brown leather couch forever, while I wasn’t sure if I’d go with something more modern, I’d regret it later.


I looked at some other stores but my brain kept thinking about that brown leather couch so I ordered it and no couch problem resolved!

Next, I was looking at dining solutions for a small dining nook. I wanted to be able to have 6 people at the table for games and dinner. I was looking at Ikea stuff, a small Maple table, a bench and plastic stackable chairs. I thought the stackable chairs could be versatile since they could also be used outside as well since my new place has a giant deck. My friend advised me cheap stackable chairs are just not a good investment.



The look I really wanted and loved though is mismatched dining sets with rustic or country tables and chairs painted in contrasting colors and shapes like antique chairs. Like this:





I found some amazing antique country chairs painted white on craigslist. The table I loved disappeared though but I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

Excited for many fun nights in my new home!


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