Paralympic Rowers – Oksana Masters & Rob Jones

Last month on a flight I read about paralympic rowers Oksana Masters and Rob Jones. The story was simply inspiring. Oksana was adopted from an orphanage in the Ukraine at age 7 by a woman in the US who wanted to have a daughter. Her mother and doctors made the decision to amputee both of Oksana’s legs at an early age because of deformities caused by radiation poisoning inuterio. Rob Jones lost his legs serving as a US Marine in Afghanistan from an IED that exploded. Both of them are incredibly strong and determined individuals that have not let being an amputee keep them from anything.

When I was a kid I developed a huge fear of losing the ability to use my legs or arms. To the point that when I first broke my foot, I denied it and continued running on it. This caused me problems years later and I finally decided to deal with them for once and for all so I could invest in myself and continue running healthily for many years into the future. This by no means compares to what Oksana and Rob have dealt with. But, they inspire me tremendously as I’m sure they do many other people out there.


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