Seattle Sounders Game

Last night I took myself to a Sounders game. I has been wanting to go and it was nearing the end of the season. The whole experience was pretty neat. This is the one and rare place I see people in Seattle actually express themselves. I’ve been to a lot of shows in Seattle and for the most part people don’t move, dance, or get really excited about the music. They pretty much stand there in silence and watch. So this was pretty neat to see people get involved and show their team respect in certain ways like raising their scarves, standing through the whole game and yelling, “You suck asshole” at the Ref in harmony. Yes, you heard that right. That was really weird, but they continually did it, as well as other chants. I chose not to spend nearly $10 on really bad domestic beer. ($10 for a beer!)

I picked really good seats. I had no idea I did, but it was an awesome surprise. I had a great view of the game from the SW side of Century Link field. On the other side from me was the Seattle Sounders FC Supporters group. They have an MC or someone to orchestrate the cheers and chants, wave flags and drum. It really added to the experience.

The game was good, but frustrating. No one scored a single goal. It was tied 0 to 0. But, there were some pretty intense moments, that you couldn’t remove your eyes. Early on in the game, a player got suspended so Sounders played short a player most of the game.

I would certainly go to another game. It was a fun experience and I always love seeing live games over TV.


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