What I Did In 2012

I know the year isn’t quite over yet, but I’ve been reflecting back on the past year and everything I’ve done, seen, accomplished, prepared for, and etc. Here’s some amazing memories and accomplishments from the year:

  • Mt. Baker 2012 Trip
  • Skiing at Mt. Baker

  • Skiing at Stevens Pass

  • Went to Smash Putt

  • Girl’s Weekend Trip in Leavenworth

  • Las Vegas Trip

  • Birthday Parties

  • Game Nights

  • Tiger Mountain 8 hour hike

  • Volunteer work to help others

  • AL & VA trip to see my family

  • Miami conference & seeing Kevin Carroll speak

  • Lake Tahoe conference and running around part of Lake Tahoe

  • Kansas City training, BBQ

  • Summer Solstice Parade

  • Injured my foot, had orthotics made & recovered

  • Went to the dentist for the first time in over a decade

  • Memorial Weekend Trip to Montana

  • Ran the Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon (3rd time) & training with my friends

  • Farm Dinner at Dog Mountain

  • Drove a boat on Lake Union

  • Went ice skating twice

  • Went rock climbing

  • Swam in the sound, Lake Washington, & Green Lake

  • Biked to Red Hook Brewery

  • Danskin Triathlon with Lauren – completed my first Triathlon

  • Built stronger friendships

  • Applied for school to take my pre-reqs

  • Survived a breakup

  • Moved again

  • Ran 16 miles in 87 degrees + in AL

  • Ran to Red Hook Brewery

  • Portland Marathon – Ran my first Marathon after training with my friends

  • Visited my family in AL & VA in August

  • Ran in 10 states, WA, OR, MT, VA, NC, AL, CA, NV, KS, MO

  • My parents visited me in Seattle for the first time

  • Started 2 blogs

  • Connected with old friends

  • Participating in the Sketchbook Project

  • Helped a friend with their résumé & find a job

  • Had a song released on a compilation

  • Published in Leapyear project book

  • Hiked part of Mt. Rainier

  • Ran the Seattle 1/2 Marathon

  • Helped build a house for the Habitat for Humanity project
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