Habitat for Humanity Project: Westway 3.5 Federal Way – 334th Pl SW

On Saturday, I did my first shift on a Habitat for Humanity project in Federal Way. It was hard work and an amazing experience. I would like to do this one Saturday a month.

We started our shift on one house which just needed final touches. I scraped paint off the front walkway and fertilized most of the back yard which had barely or no grass. Once we were done here we followed the project supervisor over to the next house which was ready for demolition work.


Four of us got paired together. This was our first real house project for Habitat for Humanity. We got assigned to turning what was made into a bedroom/bathroom back into a carport. So we demolished all the walls, took out two doorways and two windows.


Once we were done with this, we helped take out a giant window, recut it so it was to code, and then take down all the siding on the back of and the side of the house, cut insulation, glue the studs and put up plywood. Taking out the siding got really tricky in places especially where the tops of the boards were nailed in behind the roof beams or where someone went a little nail happy. There were times where the woman I paired up with and I were using all our strength to get them out. Gluing is a lot harder than I thought too. My hands were killing me by the end of gluing all the studs.




It is truly amazing how much a group of people of all skills and experience can get done in one day when they come together to work on an effort like this. I’m looking forward to my next volunteer shift. And highly recommend to everyone to at least do this once in your lifetime.


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