Science Research Weekend: Flow Cytometry

Last weekend I had gone to Life Sciences Research Weekend at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle on Sunday. In a past article I wrote about a machine that enables us to detect different types if tuberculosis in bone samples by DNA. Dendreon had a much simpler machine that enables you to separate blood samples at the cellular level to sort out cells of interest. By taking samples of normal blood and comparing it with samples of potentially diseased blood, you can identify the cells of interest that don’t exist in the healthy controlled sample. This is called Flow Cytometry, a laser based biophysical technology that counts, sorts, and detects cells by suspending them in fluid and passing them through an electronic detection apparatus. I thought it was neat and the application of it can be used for many things, including work I hope to be doing one day. Here’s a picture of Dendreon’s flow cytometer from Science Research Weekend.



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