My Brother

One of the greatest people in my life is my brother Matt. From growing up to now he is the one person I can rely on for advice and to cheer me up. I can always text and call my brother and have a great conversation, for help, or just a listening ear. And some of them are pretty hilarious.

Though he’s my little brother, I always felt like he’s really my big brother. He has always stood up for me from bullies in high school to when I was going through my divorce to a day-to-day struggle at work. The amazing thing about my brother and I that he pointed out last week was that we never judge and we hate gossip, so we never gossip. We can trust each other with our hardest struggles and share our greatest dreams. When my brother became a father 3 years and 3 months ago, I knew it was what he always wanted. For years growing up he talked about how great it would be to have kids. I was so happy for him and knew he’d make an amazing father and husband. I am insanely proud of my brother and am really lucky to have had him in my life. I’m guessing being only a year and 9 months apart can make us closer as siblings. We shared a lot of friends, experiences, hobbies, and likes growing up and even now.


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