What’s in a Voice

This morning I read New York Times’ article So Many Snapshots, So Few Voices Saved by Verilyn Klinkenborg. And thought, “And that’s why I keep some voicemails.” I started that when I realized how important it is for me to hear someone’s voice. When I knew I’d be far away on trips and not be able to talk to loved ones often, I could always play a voicemail to hear their voice and be comforted. Even now when I date people, it’s difficult to go a few days with just text messaging and not hearing their voice. So I usually just end up calling and feel a million times better when I hear their voice. I also think about memories of loved ones who long passed away. Some of them are really stories my family told me, or short memories of my grandfather holding me and smiling. How I wish I could hear pop-pop’s voice again! Hearing my own parents voices are important to I realize. They have certain mannerisms and ways they talk that just make it so much more personable and funny. So I relate with this article and certainly want to keep up saving some of my favorite voicemails and recording people on my phone. Last month I put together a radio show that included my voice memos from my phone. Going through the voice memos from the last 3-4 years I made was neat. They were mostly recordings of noises like the bus, a jack hammer, a handmade musical instrument at the Museum of America in Polson, MT for example, but I also had recordings of people and friends talking. The reaction and emotions they can raise in you are amazing. Probably some of my favorite songs actually include clips of people talking.


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