First Time Home Design

So a while back I posted about furniture decision making as this is the first time in my life I’ve actually taken to and been able to take to making decisions on my personal home design. My place has come a long way since October and definitely feels like a place I’d call home. I’ve had people over often and find its a great space for that even if everyone ends up spending all the time at the dining room table. So let me show you what I’ve done! I love bright colors and have sort of picked a theme of orange, bright green and blue.

The Living Room

My parents were in town and helped me pick this orange lamp and bright green pillows to go with the green throw I had already picked out. They provided instant cheering-up-ness to my living room. Since this is the movie and music room it’s also paired with a tour poster and a Seattle Zombie Apocalypse poster (not shown).


The Dining Room

It has seen many morphs over the past few months. I snagged fiestaware from Macy’s at 1/2 half off, got a red tablecloth to get me by since I kept hosting dinners or dinners and game nights (protect the table from hot food!), then a friend got me place mats and black napkins so to spice them up I paired them with bright blue and green striped place mats and creme colored place mats that were a $1 each. A couple years ago I got that Henry painting and absolutely love it. The little orange dude is holding a mug of beer. It makes me happy every time I see it and also in my favorite colors for decorating, orange and green.





And yes, that’s a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree in the corner there.

That bench is amazing because I can use it at the dining room table for more seating, the living room, or on the deck. I waited for the price to drop and went by and had the sales clerk help shove it in my car. Great buy. The chairs are from craigslist as well as the table which was stained walnut. There’s also 2 old industrial metal stools I got from a young guy moving to CA. I love those stools as much as he did. I wanted my space to be a great space for hosting, so plenty of seating and spaces to hang out in, even if its at the kitchen counter. I’ve had some fun nights prepping dinner at that counter with friends.

The Hallway

I had some favorite magazine snippings I’ve carried around for years that I framed in all different kind of frames and hung at different levels on the wall. One is a magazine page of a biker in a meadow paired with W.H. Auden’s “September 1, 1939”. It reminds me of my Dad who is an avid biker and also shares the love of my favorite season, Fall. Another one is Alex Grey’s painting “Praying”. I also hung the poster from my first Marathon, the Portland Marathon.


Down the hall are again colorful posters from a Subconscious Records’ release. And on the other side are 9 framed pages in red, black and white poster frames from 1950s and 1960s Newsweeks. I’ve carried these Newsweeks I got at a garage sale around for years thinking they might be worth something some day, but decided I enjoy some of the ads and pages too much not to share them or be reminded of them somehow.



The Bedroom

I still want to add green blackout curtains, but again, I went with bright cheery orange and bright green. I had these drawings I drew years ago that had just been sitting in a book. I’m actually a pretty good drawer and can get the detail down in faces, bones and objects like nobody’s business. So I decided to also let these see the light of day. I tore the edges and let them be rough and then put orange or green tissue paper behind them to tie in the color scheme.



I saw that orange comforter at Target last month and couldn’t stop thinking of it. It was only $30. And I have been wanting to replace my too hot sage down comforter for a while now so I got it. My boyfriend’s mother made me that fleece blanket in orange and blue. He picked out the pattern and he couldn’t have done better. It is totally me. Bright and cheery and my favorite colors.


The painting I got from a man off craigslist who grew up in Japan in the 1950s. If anyone knows me, I love that style of Japanese paintings, as well as Chinese paintings since taking a class in college on it. I think curtains would tie this room together more and bring it more color.  And blackout curtains will also make sleeping easier.


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