A Family Vacation

My awesome and much needed vacation is coming to an end. After finishing a large project and before my co-worker is on her way out for maternity leave, I got a 6 day vacation in to visit my family in VA. Every minute of it was enjoyable and it was great to see my Dad, Mum, brother Matt and all his family.

Thursday was a travel day. I look forward to these all day travel trips because its the one time I can read all day and catch up on what’s been happening in the science and health fitness worlds. My parents stayed up a little late to enjoy a late night cup of homemade squash soup and pumpkin seed muffin for dinner/snack.


Then off to bed to rise and run in the sunshine with my Mum after 8 full hours of sleep to adjust to the time zone. Then we went shopping for my birthday next month. I got a nice lightweight set of plaid pajama pants to replace my old ones and a pair of bright orange and pink flats to go with the other orange and pink items I’ve picked up recently for spring. Then I stuffed Easter eggs for an Easter egg hunt for my nephew Owen on Saturday. When my Dad got home from dinner, we went out to eat at a Turkish restaurant, Kervan’s kebab house.




Saturday morning my brother Matt and nephew Owen came over to go for a bike ride on old Rt. 17. We loaded Owen in the Burley Bee and my brother, nephew, Dad, Mum and I rode out to the boat launch and Owen enjoyed seeing a tractor on the route.





Then back at home we enjoyed lentils, squash and chicken for lunch. I hid all the Easter eggs in the backyard and we had Owen do his Easter egg hunt finding all 41 eggs. Then later we celebrated St. Patty’s Day again together with corn beef, cabbage, carrots, and Irish soda bread. My mum and I made an Irish apple cake in the morning. My new favorite desert now next to apple pie! My Dad and I rented 2 action movies. My brother, Dad and I are all big action movie buffs. We watched Argo and End of Watch. Both were really good. I was pleasantly surprised that Ben Affleck is actually a good director. End of Watch, my brother and I both agreed made us cry at the end. It was pretty gory and I really hope LA is not really like that.




On Sunday I got up and did a 6-7 mile run that made a triangle. My Mum made blueberry pancakes, eggs and sausage for breakfast. Then I set out to find a jean jacket for my birthday since I had my heart set on one for spring/summer. I ended up getting one and a running tech shirt for $25 total. Virginia Beach is a lot cheaper for shopping than Seattle I’d say. Then I drove over to my brother’s and Rhianon’s to see my littlest nephew Foster and spend time with Owen, Matt and Rhianon. Foster was already sitting up and such a happy baby. He loves to play and bounce. Owen loved playing with the robot blocks I brought him calling the robot zombies. I “taught” him how to deactivate the robots so they were normal robots and not zombies and it became a game for him. We went out to eat at a good Greek restaurant, Azar’s, in Ghent in Norfolk then headed home to watch Brave and put Owen to bed. Then we watched Straw Dogs which was disturbing. Who wouldn’t tell their husband they were raped? I’d tell my husband everything. But in the end he was a little twisted and everything was handled to the extreme. I slept over and got to see the little ones before heading home to spend time with my parents.

My father took Monday off and I was really looking forward to seeing the beach even though it was cold out. We layered on wool sweaters and hats and drove out to Sandbridge. We walked down by Little Island park and on the fisherman’s pier. They were doing dredging work so we couldn’t walk back the other way so we drove up to the other end of the beach. First we stopped at a store because I wanted one of those large seashells as a souvenir and picked up something for my boyfriend Gene. I thought we walked pretty far on the beach and then we bumped into a woman walking a golden retriever named Bogey when we headed back for a total of a 4 mile walk. My parents are big on wearing pedometers.



Not sure what to do with the rest of the day, we went home had ended up building a fire and enjoying tea in the living room and called my sister and my nephew Joe in Alabama on Skype. Then my Dad and I played pool until we were hungry for dinner around 7 pm listening to a copy of Paul Simon’s Rhythm of the Saints my sister had sent him. Totally nostalgic from my childhood. My Dad loves that album. He kicked my ass playing pool, but I started learning after a few games. My Mum made a really good dinner of salmon, spinach steamed with dried cranberries and nuts and spaghetti squash with tomato pesto and Parmesan cheese. I am definitely making spaghetti squash that way next time. Then we watched the new Bourne movie and it was time for bed for me to get up and run before catching my flight back to Seattle and my Dad to return to work. I will miss everyone and can’t wait for the next trip!



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