New Meals

A couple of years ago I gained a new found love for cooking. I stick to a lot of the same old meals, but on my recent trip I read some magazines particularly for runners’ diets that gave me inspiration for some new meals and twists on my favorites like stir fries and fish. I also finally got over the hump during my trip on being able to eat beef without getting sick after not eating it for 19 years! I am looking forward to making this Grilled Thai Steak Noodle Bowl sometime soon.

Last night after my run home I was starving and was craving tomatoes and pasta. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not a big fan of pasta, rice or potatoes in general, but with all the running I do, I am starting to think that’s not a good thing and I may want to consider whole grain pasta, brown rice and potatoes. So I made a combination of this recipe and this recipe and got pure deliciousness as displayed below. Plus I got leftovers for a work lunch and a weekend lunch post-run. I always have frozen shrimp in my freezer but the tuna sounded more filling and satisfying (I told you I was hungry!). But, the grocery store did not have tuna so I opted for my 2nd all-time favorite fish, salmon. (Scallops are my #1 all-time favorite seafood. Love, love, love them. Thank you Na-Na for your love of scallops.)




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