How do you get your fitness back quickly?

Shortly after I wrote my last post running 44 miles per week, I sprained my foot. I went for a short little run on Saturday between a 5K on Friday and what was supposed to be my 16 mile long training run on Sunday and .5 miles in my foot rolled over. It quickly swelled up, turned black and blue and was difficult to move or walk on. I went to the doctor on Monday and she said take a whole week off or you risk injuring it further. Each day it got better with one section of the foot still off. Taking the week off means cross-training to me and I wasn’t too smart because I did a kickboxing class and a strength training class that required a lot of foot work and time on my feet. Even Friday, standing at radio irritated my foot. But, Thursday I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go for a 1 mile run to test out my foot. It felt so good it quickly turned into 2 miles. Saturday I ran a simple 3 miles with my running group. I thought then I didn’t lose any fitness. And then Saturday in muggy weather I ran 8 miles and realized my speed was waaaay down. Then yesterday I did a 5 mile run with some hills again at my new snail pace and had to stop and walk! Wth?!

How can I get my fitness back as fast as humanly possible? Hill sprints? Interval training? Or just patience? I got less than 4 weeks to get back to where I was before injury which now I realized was totally bad ass: faster, able to charge up hills without stopping, able to do multiple back to back runs with no problems, and tons of distance.


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