Learning to Balance Strength Training and Running

Now that the Marathon is out of the way, I immediately got started on my plan to do strength training again. Every time I start training for long distances, Ragnar Relay and a Marathon, the first thing that gives in my schedule is strength training and then cross training. And its not just purely because of time, its because I get into this constant battle that strength training makes me sore so then the running becomes much more difficult. But, after training for long distances without any bumps in the road, cross training or strength training, my metabolism gets stagnant and I look in the mirror and my awesome abs are hiding and my legs look like crap. My body is begging for the strength training and cross training. Plus I know once I get over that initial hump of pain and gain, my body is going to thank me. I’m going to have stronger hip flexors, core and leg muscles which will make me a stronger and better runner.

So last Thursday I started my journey of 3 strength training days and 5 running days. I took it easy on myself and am not doing track tonight after an hour + strength training session last night. I plan on doing my runs as normal but cut down my mileage to 20-25 mpw right now since the Marathon and run Mon, Wed (track workout), Thurs, Sat, Sun (long run). Then do 2 short 20 min strength sessions on Sat and Thurs during lunch at work. And on Tuesdays take an hour long strength training class at the gym with a friend. Maybe every other Sat I could do the class with her but I like running with Seattle Green Lake Running Group on Saturdays.

So far I’m a little sore, but already feeling stronger on my runs. Strength training has never been my favorite activity. Heck last year I joined a rock climbing gym hoping that could count as strength training because I find it a whole lot more fun. But, I am hoping over these winter months, it makes a difference in my physique and strength for running. We’ll see!



  1. Chocolate Covered Race Medals · November 20, 2013

    Now that I’m not training for anything I’ve tried to integrate strength training back into my routine and let me tell you, I am SORE. lol

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