Nutrition and Snacks

Someone in my Triathlete Group posted this article recently on disordered eating. And It got me somehow thinking one of those nights where I wake up in the middle of the night where you can’t fall back asleep because your brain just won’t shut off and is constantly thinking. It got me thinking about… snacks. I am a big snacker as I know my father is as well. I don’t think I have the disordered eating problems the article talks about. For the most part I eat a very “balanced” diet, whatever that means. To me, that means kind of like the diet they suggest in New Rules of Lifting for Women, very high protein or 50 % protein, 30% carbs, and 20% fat. It got me thinking about my snacks. And even my favorite snacks that I consider not so good for you, they’re really not so bad and maybe I crave them for a reason. I get weird cravings too, and they kind of indicate to me that my body is needing something like Vitamin C (Vitamin C chewies, Emergen-C, orange juice, grapefruit, cantaloupe), or iron (raisins, grapes, red meat), and sometimes I crave pure carbs – I have a thing for pretzels. I freaking love pretzels, all kinds of pretzels. Now that I’m training for a Half Iron Man, I keep thinking I should add more protein to my diet. So for example this week, I added cottage cheese with my grapes and strawberries. Now, onto the snacks.


My daily snacks:

  • Almonds – I have a handful of these around 10 am when I’m suddenly hungry again between breakfast and lunch
  • Banana – every day at 4 pm before I run at 5 or 5:30pm
  • Fruit – grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, oranges/clementines/cuties – have these between breakfast and lunch and/or lunch and dinner or for desert between dinner and sleeping
  • Apple – I eat any apple every day usually at 2:30-3 pm – ok so I eat all day :/

Other snacks:

  • Graham crackers and peanut butter with milk
  • Pretzels
  • Cottage cheese with fruit for more protein
  • Lentil soup – I know most people don’t think this is a snack but it is awesome after a long run or bike ride and you just need something quick to get into you
  • Hummus and veggies or pita bread (if need carbs)
  • Strawberry or blackberry or peach ice cream for dessert
  • Sorbet especially Mango
  • Dried mango slices
  • Jerky – turkey, pork, beef, or fish (seriously so good – had lots of this in Hawaii)
  • Seeds and Nuts – I eat a lot of nuts. Almonds (raw, chocolate, strawberry), pistachios, walnuts, pecans, cashews, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, pepitas, pine nuts. Trader Joes has tons of these cheep.
  • Yogurt – I eat yogurt during the week for breakfast, but also on weekends or if I’m still hungry after an intense workout

This article has a really great list of 31 Healthy and Portable High-Protein Snacks.


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