Most Memorable Events from 2014

Each year I usually reflect on the past year and what I did. Somehow I missed 2013, though it was an incredible year, my first year with the love of my life (I think I can seriously say that now – I am very very smitten with him) and it ended with an incredible trip to Big Island, Hawaii which I will never forget. Of course I wrote about a couple big highlights, Ragnar Relay and the Outerbanks Marathon.

In 2013, I had met a few people who ended up creating a new triathlon team who I met through Seattle Greenlake Running Group who were also training for a triathlon. A couple of them had signed up for their first FULL Iron Man in November 2014, having never even done a Half Iron Man at this point yet. I joined them for some swims in Greenlake when I was training for my “annual spring triathlon” in August 2013, which I did with a couple of friends. Next thing I know by December, I started swimming with them indoors, biking Mercer Island on the weekends, and they started forming  a new triathlon team in Seattle now known as Seattle Greenlake Triathlon Group. In 2014, we put together training plans, races we were all aiming for, set up a new Meetup Group with swim, bikes, and runs, and even by Summer, we had our own tri kits. There are now more than 500 people registered on the Meetup site, though I probably see the same 50-70 familiar faces at the swims, runs, rides, and events all year.

It has been an incredible year getting to know all of these amazing and inspiring people. This year I completed 3 triathlons (rather than my annual 1), and got pretty far in training for a Half Iron Man (1 mile swim, 40 mile bike ride, 10 mile run all in one day) before I ended up in the hospital from my Utah trip and injured both my feet. Then I made the decision to put off doing a Half Iron Man for the year following that. Despite the number of set backs I had this year (a concussion from a fall off my bike in June, sliced my foot open before Issaquah triathlon also in June, severe dehydration from my trip in Utah resulting in a loss of 4 freaking liters of fluids in July, plantar fascitis in both my feet from September through November (my orthotics needed some adjustments – who knew running 4,000 miles on them in 2 years would do that and that your feet get stronger and change over time?), falling hard on both of my knees before Seattle Marathon, and getting hit by a car last Friday before the 12K’s of Christmas on Sunday), I had an incredible year training and spending time with this group and can’t wait to see what next year brings!


I have a big goal (of course) for next year, which is to run my first 50K and to complete 2 marathons (1 to train for the 50K and partly because I missed my Marathon this year and I love Marathons and would like to always do at least one a year). But, I’ll write all about that in another post… And that one day, yes, I would still love to run a 50-miler.

So in 2014:

    • St. Paddy’s Day Dash

fenway redsox

  • Celebrated my birthday in Boston seeing the Red Sox and Yankees at Fenway with my co-workers.


  • Las Vegas trip in April – I was there for work, but Gene came down and we made a weekend of it, getting to see the Cirque du Soleil show, “O” and had an amazing birthday dinner.
  • Beat the Bridge in May – I had t-shirts made for my company Physicians Insurance with our name and logo on the back. It is finally nice to be able to advertise them on a bunch of runs but also nice to finally organize a team event for my company. And my boss is also a runner so it was nice to see him and his daughter at a race!
  • Issaquah Triathlon in June – The week before this race I sliced my foot open in Lake Sammamish at the dry run for the Issaquah tri. I just taped the sucker up and still finished. I hadn’t ran in a week before that race (which made me miss one of my Seattle favorites, the Briefcase Dash and 5K in Fremont) because it caused me the most pain, but no problem.

GreenLakeSwim issaquah_tri

  • Seeing my family in VA in September and going to the beach (especially my nephews – I love my nephews!!!)

vatrip1 vatrip2 vatrip3 mary_gene_va vatrip4

  • Firecracker 500 – Still one of my most favourite races, at night time, and I love 4th of July and fireworks. We got to see the Fireworks at Gas Works too.


  • Seafair Torchlight Run – Another nighttime race and favorite followed by the parade downtown and the Pirates and the cannons.
  • Trip to AZ & Utah in July – We went to 4 National Parks and 1 State Park seeing the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Arches, Canyonlands, and Salt Lake City and Antelope Island State Park. It was an incredible trip and I absolutely loved Zion National Park. It is like Disneyland for hikers. We got to do the Angel’s Landing hike and hike the Narrows through the Virgin River. Though I almost died in Canyonlands, it was worth seeing. I just would never go in July ever again.


  • Lake Stevens Iron Man – Though I did not do the Half Iron Man, we got together a great team, Team Aero Neurotic Scalp Shift and I did the Half Marathon. Really an amazing day seeing sooooo many of my teammates finish their first Half Iron Man. I had a fantastic time cheering them on on the course.



  • Lake Meridian Triathlon – Probably my fastest time to date.
  • Bellingham Bay Half Marathon – I think I want to add this one to the races I just always do every year. This is through some of my favorite parts of the Ragnar Relay race. I had such a great time and felt great on this Half. Definitely adding to my lists of favorites in the area.
  • Dawg Dash 10K – I was still dealing with plantar fascitis but this wasn’t bad. Probably was the last race Gene will try to get through for a while. He’s been injured since June.
  • Seattle Mustache Dache – I won an entry to this race at the last Adventure Run of the year the Thurs before the race. We all ran together wearing mustaches and it was nice to take it easy.

mustachedachemary mustachedache

  • Seattle Marathon – I’ve done this race 3 times now and it has actually been my fastest Half Marathon to date still, which is odd because it is pretty hilly. One year Gene ran it with me and that has been my fastest half time. This year, it was freezinseattlemarathong out so I ran to the start of the race, but tripped on a cable cover near the start of the race, falling on both my knees and side hard. My right knee is still healing! The left one is pretty much healed. I almost thought I broke a rib too, but that healed up within a week. Thankfully I ran most of this race with teammates, especially one who was on his 4th Half Marathon in a row completing Quadzuki!! Between that and the freezing cold, it kept my mind off my knees and I finished the race with just a little bit slower than my normal Half Marathon time. We had two team members completing Quadzillas and three completing Quadzukis! Incredible!
  • 12K’s of Christmas


  • Went to the End’s Deck the Hall Ball


    • Ran the Surrealist Songwriting Project at the Hollow Earth Radio and Vera Project’s DIY Holiday Fair


    • Really built up my fan-base and found my Northwest electronic music nitch at Hollow Earth Radio for my radio show, Audacious Bombacious.


  1. ignace_s · December 23, 2014

    Nice year! Keep up the good work in 2015 🙂

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