2015 Race Planning

Ok, 2015 is planned. I lost my original draft and this one seems a little different. In 2015, my big goals are to complete a 50K, to run 2 Marathons, and complete an Olympic Triathlon. We’ll see about the Half Iron Man – I just don’t think that’s my thing. I’d do the Relay again though. Realizing I don’t have much experience with trail running and running on mountains for the 50K, I better get going on that ASAP.

January 18 – Blast from the Past Half half
February 7 – Frost Eagle 8K Trail Run
March 7/8 – Lake Sammamish Half Marathon OR Spring Run for Fun @ Redmond Watershed Half Marathon
March 28 – Birch Bay Road Race 30K
April 11 – Squak Mountain Half Marathon Trail Run
May 2 – Western Pacific Trail Marathon in Fremont, CA (makes the most sense this year because I’ll already be in CA for work that week)
May 17 – Beat the Bridge 8K
May 31 – Echo Valley Trail Run Half Marathon
June 6 – Fremont Briefcase Relay & 5K
June 7 – Issaquah Sprint Triathlon
June 21 – Lake Meridian Sprint Triathlon
July 3 – Firecracker 5000 5K
July 19 – Seafair Olympic Triathlon
July 25 – Seafair 8K
September 13 – Beat the Blerch Half Marathon
September 28 – Bellingham Bay Half Marathon?
October 17 – Lake Padden Trail Half Marathon (Bellingham)?
October 18 – Dawg Dash 8K
October 26 – Cougar Mountain 20 Mile Trail Run
November 8 – Mud & Chocolate Trail Half Marathon? (Too pricey)
November 14 – Grand Ridge Trail Marathon?
November 29 – Seattle Marathon? (Too close to race?)
December 12 – Deception Pass 50K
December 20 – 12Ks of Christmas



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