Run Stats in 2014

Someone in my tri group posted about the 2,015 miles in 2015 Challenge. There are more options than you yourself running a total of 2,015 miles in 2015, like splitting the miles with a partner, or a group of three. And that reminded me, it’s time to look at my stats at the end of 2014!

The miles went up from 2013, to 1,467 miles in 2014.


But, I logged some bike and swim miles too, so it’s a little fuzzy how many were running miles. I really don’t bike much, maybe ~230 miles in year? And same for swimming – I pretty much think I only swam like .5-1 miles some weeks from January to November and some weeks I didn’t swim at all.

I know I usually run around ~100 miles per month, give or take some months depending on what I’m training for or if I have an injury. So I am guessing my running mileage was around 1,200 for 2014.

Monthly Miles 2014

With a 50k and 2 Marathons planned in 2015, I suspect my mileage will go up yet again in 2015.


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