Simple Cooking: Ahi Tuna, sweet potatoes, kale, wild rice

Some of my favourite meals are really simple ones with meat, veggies, and carbs.
Ahi Tuna steaks take minutes to make and are delicious.

  • Ahi Tuna Steaks Recipe – just olive oil, black pepper, sea salt (and I add chili powder)
  • Asian Ahi Tuna Steak with lemon and soy sauce


This wild & whole grain brown rice is like crack. Most times I make it, it’s all gone by the end of the meal. It’s really nice to have something so earthy and nutty.


This way of making kale I learned from making the stuffing recipe from the New York Times Thanksgiving edition, just no homemade Sourdough croutons or chicken sausage. I grate up garlic with a micro-grater, add olive oil to the pan, chop up the lactino kale, sprinkle black pepper and sea salt all over it, splash a dash of water, sometimes use lemon (optional, if have it) and cook it. Then slice dates in halves and toss them in with some raw almonds.


Ever since I read some blog/recipe for this, this is my new favourite way to make sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes. I actually took these on my 24 mile training run. I really like having solid food on long training runs and sweet potatoes just sounded so good to me. It worked. These are really yummy. It’s just sweet potatoes cut in rounds and than fourthed, sprinkled with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, cumin, and chili powder. Super simple and very yummy. I put the oven on around 435 degrees and cook them for 17 min.


I do eat a lot of salt. And that’s because I am very active, have a bit of a sodium deficiency, have low blood pressure, and a volume depletion disorder (my electrolytes and sodium get all out of whack). If you need to forego the salt, by all means do. I’m sure this would all be just as delicious.


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