Morning Running vs. Evening Running: My Pros and Cons

With the heat wave the past couple weeks, I decided to switch from my evening run homes to morning runs and have a huge list of pros and cons for me. This is meant to be funny. I know morning running works well for many many people out there, but yikes! No wonder I’ve always been an evening runner.


  • It’s cooler! And I won’t die of heat exhaustion…
  • It does put me in a better and more refreshed mood for the day rather than waiting and thinking all day about running (though I still do that anyway … Addicted much?).


  • Not that I can run long enough to die of heat exhaustion. I can’t run as long because I’m racing against the clock to make it back to get ready to get to work and I’m a distance runner so this makes me a very sad distance runner. I could get up earlier but…
  • I feel like a zombie the first .5 miles
  • I don’t stretch after because I’m out of time and then cram myself on a bus without having eaten breakfast which is bad, very bad
  • Because I don’t run long enough I end up running again at 8:30 or 9 pm and then I can’t get to bed on time to get enough sleep to you know, get up early and run.
  • I am so tired my eyes actually physically hurt at work. I like sleep. Very much.
  • And because I’m so strapped for time I don’t do physically challenging routes like hills. I love me some hills.

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