50K Training


Back in May I ran my first Trail Marathon to prep for my first 50K and then decided to put it off until fall/winter to avoid running in the heat. So now it’s time to ramp back up again. Above is a mapped training schedule from Scrunners Ultra-marathon Training Schedule Generator. To sum it up, the major changes for me are take a rest day Monday instead of a recovery run, and then back to doing back-to-back long runs on the weekend. I tend to find races periodically to use as long training runs. So here’s some options and/or races I/we do every year:

September 13 – Beat the Blerch Half Marathon – done
September 28 – Bellingham Bay Half Marathon?
October 17 – Lake Padden Trail Half Marathon (Bellingham)?
October 18 – Dawg Dash 8K (+ 5 or more miles after the race)
October 26 – Cougar Mountain 20 Mile Trail Run
November 7 – Mud & Chocolate Trail 10K? (Too pricey)
November 8 – Mud & Chocolate Trail Half Marathon? (Too pricey) (+ 8-9 miles after the race)
November 14 – Grand Ridge Trail Marathon?
November 29 – Seattle Marathon?
December 12 – Deception Pass 50K


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