Stitch Fix Review: I kept the whole box again!

I don’t do stitch fix very often. This was my 5th stitch fix over 2 years. On box #3, I kept the whole box. Box #4 I kept a vest and a striped black and navy lightweight mid-length sleeve sweater. Everything I have kept from stitch fix, I wear a lot and I always receive complements on them. My stylist has certainly gotten my style! I do keep my Pinterest up-to-date with what I am looking for and give specific directions on what’s coming up, what I’m needing, what colors, types of clothes, and etc. I need. For example, this last fix I said, “I have 2 conferences with 3 presentations soon. I like the light pink trend for Spring; a cardigan or blouse in pink would be great. Another skirt or dress for work. I like the mid-length skirt trend I’ve pinned. Also pinned lots of dresses for ideas. A new romantic cute pastel tank blouse (like with ruffles, lace or polka dots). My social life is hectic lately and I don’t own many casual clothes. A t-shirt for rollerskating and team meetings and a pair of skinny jeans that fit big athletic legs would be great.”

Well what she sent me totally fit my needs. Everything fit great, loved the colors, and the styles.


Item #1: Street Level Meyer Tassel Clutch

Item #2: Gilli Viola Jersey Dress

Item #3: Skies are Blue Sutro Crochet Detail Knit Top

Item #4: Mavi Freida Skinny Jean

Item #5: Dex Ramuz Lace Back Blouse


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