50K/50 Miler Training Plan

6 days after I wrote my last entry regarding 50K training for Baker Lake 50K, I rolled my ankle at the end of 24 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, sprained my foot and tore one of my ankle ligaments a little bit. It took 8 weeks to heal. I started running but could only run a mile at a time a few weeks ago and did some PT sessions. This past weekend I did my first trail run since my injury, 5 miles at Rattlesnake Ledge. It felt awesome. I thought I’d have lost a lot more fitness than I did but I guess biking and swimming helped. I followed it up with some trail runs on Orcas Island at Mt. Constitution and the Cascade Lake Loop Trail which also went well. So I am crossing my fingers that I am ready to begin 50K and my 50 miler training for next year.

I have 3 top race choices pending I get into any of them, 2 in May and 1 in July:

  1. Mt Hood 50 Miler – July 8th-9th – 5,630 ft elevation – This is my brother’s birthday which could mean super super good luck for me. It also gives me a little more time to make sure my foot/ankle are OK and continue working on my hip flexors/glutes – strength training, yay.
  2. Quad Rock 50 Miler – Fort Collins, CO – May 13th –  11,000 ft elevation sounds crazy but not impossible. My parents met in CO and I have been meaning to go there for a long time. It would be pretty incredible to run my first 50 Miler in CO and see the sights. It is quite possible a conference ends up falling on this time period and totally screws up this plan.
  3. Sun Mountain 100K – May 20th – 10,000 ft elevation – Not a 50 Miler and kind of nervous about doing a 62.1 Miler for my first 50 Miler but what’s another 12.1 miles? I really wanted to do the 25K or 50K last year and did not make it into the race. So I am betting on it selling out before I can even sign up.

Now here’s some plans:



And now to find a 50K along the way.

If a May 50 Miler:

  • Mar 18 – Chuckanut Mountain 50K – I did the Half this year and loved it
  • Apr 8 – Yakima Skyline Rim 50K – If I don’t have to travel for work then and I actually get into it

If a July 50 Miler:

  • June ? – Echo Valley 50K – I did Echo Valley Half the year before and loved it; I would totally do this one
  • June 10 – Beacon Rock 50K – Though I’ve wanted to do this one…



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