My 2016 Most Memorable Events

Each year I write a reflection on the year. This year feels a bit different than 2012 through 2015 did. 2015 was super running and triathlon race heavy. Years before that were super event and growing new friendships heavy. This year was neither running and tri race heavy or event heavy. I set out to run another 50K in 2016 and that didn’t happen due to injury. This year I am happy I got to spend some quality time with my family on some trips. But, I am happy to say my biggest 2016 accomplishments were the following:

  1. I got promoted. I dreamed for years of managing a development team (14 years) and in March that finally happened. And I have to admit, it is what I dreamed of and is rewarding and enjoyable. In the past year, I’ve built a great team and I am really excited about what we’ve accomplished so far and what we plan to build.
  2. I got engaged to the man I love so very much in October on our 4 year anniversary! We are getting married next year on our anniversary.
  3. We bought a house together in November. This is our first house ever, and it is an amazing house in a great neighbourhood.


So in those ways, although Trump is president-elect (which horrifies me), I lost my cousin Tiffany, and Carrie Fisher, Leonard Cohen, Prince, David Bowie, and many other great celebrities died this year, this year blew other years out of the water.

Other than those 3 HUGE things, here are other amazing memories from my year:

  • Volunteering at Meredith Matthews YMCA Try a Triathlon


  • Zion Trip and the Zion Half Marathon with my Tri/Running group friends
  • Hosted two fundraisers at my radio show at Hollow Earth Radio. One was for Hollow Earth Radio to raise funds for our GoFundMe campaign top become an on air station in the Central District in Aug 2017 (Future KHUH 100.3). The other was for Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group’s fundraising for Seattle Children’s Emergency Room Fund.



  • Trip to NJ and Philadelphia with my brother, sister-in-law and nephews to see my Dad’s family in May. Our cousin Tiffany passed away in March following the Zion Half Marathon, right before I was driving everyone back to the airport in the rental car. I had a really hard time holding my shit together. I must have broken down crying I don’t know how many times. My brother and I spent a lot of time over at my Aunt’s and their house growing up playing with Tiffany. And it was insanely hard to imagine or comprehend she was gone. She was our age. She was going to get married this year. It was overbearingly horrifyingly sad. I could not imagine how her parents and her siblings feel. It was so good to see them all and as much as I hate NJ (the non-stop tolls, the massive crowdedness, the everyone drives 90 miles per our, the strip malls), I would really like to see them all again, so obviously I’m going back again in the future.  While in the area, we took my nephews to the Philadelphia Zoo and to Sesame Place where they got to see the Imagination Movers. They had a great time. It was so good to spend time with our family even if it was too short and we didn’t get to see everyone.
  • Inspire Conference in Orlando, FL. I always enjoy seeing my fellow insurance customers, Dan and Mary Kay every year.


  • Trip to New Orleans for a conference and then with my parents (also got to celebrate my birthday with them!)
  • Followed by a trip to Mobile, AL with my sister, nephew, brother-in-law and parents. I can’t wait to see them again this April.



  • Skagit Valley Tulips at Roosengarde – I’ve been in Seattle 10 years now as of December and this was the first year I ever made it to see the tulips.


  • Multiple trips, trails runs, and a race at Chuckanut Mountain. I loved it so much I decided to run the 50K in March 2017.


  • I got to see Jen Q in Seattle (albeit super brief)! One of my childhood friends from Hillside, NJ. We went to high school together. She is awesome!


  • Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage with Two Dozen Legs!!!
  • Gene’s Graduation from University of Washington!
  • Co-hosted the DIY Holiday Fair at the Vera Project this year and it was awesome
  • Annual Rollerskating trip with Seattle Green Lake Triathlon Group



  • San Francisco Conference
  • Trip to Orcas Island


  • Cycle the Wave Ride (and I didn’t die when my brakes failed me on a steep long hill going into traffic)


  • Trip to Puerto Rico




I’m sure there are many more memories than I can remember!

Here was 2015. 2014.

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